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Use history module:
The IAS history module uses hashes (in the format '#/page/') to remember the last viewed page, so when a visitor hits the back button after visiting an item from that page, it will load all items up to that last page and scrolls it into view. The use of hashes can be problematic in some cases, in which case you can disable this feature.

Enter the selector of the element containing your items that you want to paginate.
Default: .content-items

Enter the selector of the element that each item has. Make sure the elements are inside the container element.
Default: .content-item

Enter the selector of the element that contains your regular pagination links, like next, previous and the page numbers. This element will be hidden when IAS loads.
Default: .zone-content .pager

Enter the selector of the link element that links to the next page. The href attribute of this element will be used to get the items from the next page. Make sure there is only one(1) element that matches the selector.
Default: .zone-content .pager .last a

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