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Project Description
Orchard.jQuery.Ias uses the jQuery Infinite Ajax Scroll plugin to make Orchard paginated content turn into infinite scrolling pages (like twitter or facebook).

Infinite scrolling increases usability for you visitors, by removing an extra click to increase average time spent on your website by visitors.

Orchard Gallery URL

IAS will now handle your webpage as follows:
  • Monitor the scroll event for reaching the last item element
  • Insert a loader image
  • Load the next page using AJAX
  • Insert each new item after the last item
You can find more information about how the jQuery infinite ajax scroll plugin works at

For this module to work you have to remove any Pager???.cshtml files from your themes view folder.
TheThemeMachine for example has three files:
you have to remove all three of them to make this module work

Latest features
  • Project is hosted here !
  • You can now have more than one scrollers per page
  • Infinite Ajax Scrolling now works in Admin mode for Blogs
  • jQuery Tabs to save settings space
  • Now you can set module properties per content type
  • jQuery selectors to make the module work with ANY content
  • beforePageChange, onPageChange, onLoadItems, onRenderComplete events with editor per content type to fully customize scrolling behavior
  • Orchard.jQuery.Ias.Blogs module to have Blogs work with Ias out of the box

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